Fridge / Freezer door and glass repair

Double Glazed Products repair:

Cracked, smashed, broken glass fridge doors

Glass fridge doors that are frosting up or have condensation or are wet all the time

We also offer exchange doors or just simply send your door into us for repair

Commercial fridge seals that are broken, torn or ripped

Broken double glazed glass in your window at home

Double Glazed Products services all industries Australia Wide including commercial kitchens, butchers, bakeries, caterers, sandwich bars, corner stores, supermarkets, pubs, clubs, RSL’s and hotels.

We also supply replacement parts, example: torsion bars, self rising hinges, handles, frame repair, gasket retainer or seals.

We can also help if you have double glazed windows at home that are cracked or broken or frosting up. There is no need to replace the whole window. We can make up new double glazed panels to suit your existing window frame.