Fridge door seals and gaskets

Torn, ripped or broken seals?:

Double Glazed Products can replace your existing seals.

New commercial screw in seal or push in seals

Seals for all makes and models of commercial fridges

Manufactured on dedicated dies which gives the perfect finish to every welded corner

Manufactured to meet all Health Department requirements

On site fitting can be arranged

Double Glazed Products supplies new fridge seals to restaurants, clubs, pubs, hotels, RSLs and to refrigeration mechanics servicing these industries.

Ripped seals cost money in the running cost as your fridge has to work even harder to retain cold due to air leaks from ripped seals.

Double Glazed Products also has available to the gasket manufacturing industry, rolls of magnet for sale. It comes on a 300 metre roll, is prepowdered for easy fitting, is high in magnetism and flexible to give the perfect seal every time.