Refrigerator and freezer doors

   New refrigerator and freezer doors are available with many options including:

    Hinged doors: pivot hinge or self rising hinges

    Sliding doors: for rear or front of display cabinets

    Aluminium or blacked anodized frame: standard

    Powder coated frame: to your choice of colour

    Double glazed: for refrigerator

    Triple glazed: for refrigerator or freezer doors

    Block doors: stainless steel or colorbond to suit.

    Heated glass: for freezer doors 

    Heated frame: for freezer doors

    Full length handle

Double Glazed Products manufactures new refrigerator or freezer doors to suit all of the catering industry needs, including commercial kitchens, butchers, bakeries, sandwich bars, corner stores, supermarkets, pubs, servo (service station) clubs   and hotels.

New refrigerator and freezer doors can event fit your existing cabinets such as Orford and Skope.

So if you have old fridge doors that need repairing, it may work out cheaper to just replace them with brand new doors…with the added benefit of giving your cabinet a fresh new modern look!